cool summer meal- wfmw

One of Jon’s grads gave us this recipe so I can take no credit. We ate it for lunch AND dinner yesterday. When it’s 100 degrees out (in early June…. and I’m pregnant!) cool meals like this are NEEDED so this definitely works for me! Check out Rocks in my Dryer for more WFMW tips!

1 head of lettuce (I used Iceberg from Aldi)

1 lb. of ground meat (I used already browned ground beef from the freezer, I don’t think it was quite a pound. I would also try this with Aldi’s ground turkey)

2 C of shredded cheddar cheese (didn’t use quite this much)

1 bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos’s (crushed)-(I used the Aldi brand and that worked fine

Tomatoes (amount as desired, I used one container of grape tomatoes, halved)

Creamy Italian dressing (Ranch can be used as well… that’s what we used yesterday)

Then just mix it all together. Here are some other notes:Let the ground meat cool before adding it to the salad and strain it well.Don’t crush the chips too much and add them shortly before mixing (they can get soggy quickly).When adding the salad dressing, add about half the bottle first and then continue to add as desired.

I mixed up a big bowl of this at lunch with just the meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato and then put what we would eat for lunch in a smaller bowl and added doritos and ranch. Then I did the same thing for dinner so that the doritos wouldn’t get mushy. We still have leftovers.

This would be really good for a potluck because it makes a lot. I think next time I would probably just halve the recipe and maybe even freeze the rest of the doritos to use another time to spread it out.

Let me know if you like or if you have other cool summer meals!

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