what kids can do

I have been AMAZED recently at what Baby Girl can do (she's almost 18 months). Very regularly I think to myself how we as a society belittles kids by expecting so little of them and not giving them opportunities to grow into. A couple days ago I actually felt like I had a conversation with my child... crazy!

Here are some things I have learned she can do:

1. clean up toys
2. put things "in"- i.e. "Can you help Mama put the wipes in the basket?" They may be a mess, but they are in the basket.
3. cook- she has helped me bake on several occasions and can dump ingredients into the bowl
4. listen to reading without pictures- the Bible and poems for example
5. take things places- i.e. "Can you please go put your coat in your room?"
6. follow directions... this is so amazing to me because it means she actually understands what I am saying, even if she can't verbally respond

Maybe this isn't news to most people but with this being child number one it really is incredible to me.

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Mary Catherine said...

Emily, I totally agree with you!! Even when it comes to manners, I'm shocked that people find it surprising that we expected Anna Cate to say "please", "thank you" "excuse me" etc. once she could talk. At what point do parents think their child is just going to "pick up on it" if it isn't taught (& expected) when they are young? :) Even things like clearing her plate from the table or putting toys and dirty clothes away. Young children can do & understand so much more than we give them credit for. Lydda Grace is precious and she will be such a big helper for you when her sibling arrives!! :)