the poop is real

Solid foods change everything!

A little while back I wrote a glowing review of my love for cloth diapers and how they work so well for us and I skipped and sang and wrote poetry about my wonderful bumGenius friends.....

Then Baby Girl tried carrots. "It" was orange. The she tried sweet potatoes, and avocado and peas and "it" got worse.

There have been a couple of diaper changes where I have literally said out loud, "What was I thinking?!?!"

A friend had mentioned using Viva paper towels (they're so soft they're almost clothlike) as a liner in the diaper and then flushing the residual "stuff." Last night (while watching LOST) I cut a whole roll in half and now have a neat stack of liners.

We'll see if this changes anything. Right now I am tempted to breastfeed exclusively until she is potty trained.

I might spend some time swagbucking some info on what to do about this unfortunate turn of events. Though I should probably just be thankful that everything is still moving on through.

I've posted this on the Thrifty Green Thursday carnival over at Green Baby Guide because I need help from some other cloth diapering mamas!! Any tips?!?!


Cathy said...

the paper towel idea is a good one--I'm sure a roll lasts a while.

suzannah said...

we have a diaper sprayer. it was about $30 and worth every single penny! it took my husband two minutes to install onto our toilet, and it makes cleaning up soiled diapers a breeze--and no staining (or introducing disposable parts.) but, imse vimse does sell flushable liners for dirty diapers, too.

good luck!

Joy said...

Great post! I remember that transition to solid foods as being quite shocking and fragrant on the other end. In the short run, I think we just dunked and made due. The good news is that in just a few months, those solid waste diapers become "plunkable" without having as much contact. I've never used diaper liners but they would probably be worth it if it gets too intense. The good news is that even with a 2 year old, my love for cloth diapers is still quite alive. I guess sleep deprivation helped me to forgot the icky phases! Thanks for joining us this week for Thrifty Green Thursday!

Rebecca said...

The paper towel idea will probably work. You know that you can also buy flushable diaper liners, right? I am not sure if these would end up being cheaper than your solution or not. I never needed the liners. My daughter ate a lot of oatmeal . . . that might have helped keep the solids "plunkable" as Joy so aptly put it. You can try oat baby cereal or make your own by grinding oats in the food processor and making a nice little porridge out of them. I actually found the solids-food stage easier with cloth diapers because of this plunking thing. . . .

Good luck! And thanks for joining our Thrifty Green Thursday blog carnival!