we did Sav Mor

I finally did it! There was a Sav Mor sidewalk sale this past weekend and I made it up to Greenville to go with my sister Rebekah. Our Mom and Dad were in town spending the night with her so they came along for the exicitement and to help out.

It was an overwhelming experience.
The sign on the way in warning that Sav Mor was not responsible for any injuries incurred definitely set the tone.

We arrived at 8:30am and were already late. There were rows upon rows of boxes of food and people were already two and three deep all the way around waiting. We grabbed our banana boxes and scouted out a good place to wait.

While we waited I listened. Lots of people were talking strategy, "Are you going for that box of granola bars?" "No?, okay great, thanks" and "You go and grab that box and bring it to the side and we'll sort through." It was intense.

At 9:00am instructions were given and a whistle was blown.

I felt like a chicken with my head cut off! There were people running everywhere! I managed to get a lot in my box and made it to the side where I left my box with my mom, sorted through the box my dad had gotten and then I headed back into the fray for more goods.

I paid $7 on the way out and was back in the car on my way out of the parking lot by 9:15am. That was fast.

Rebekah and I headed to her house where we unloaded the food. (the picture is of both of our boxes) We sorted and divided things up. It definitely helped to go with someone so that we each got multiples of items and then were able to share with each other.

I think I'm most excited about the Hershey's dark chocolate chips which I more than likely will just eat plain when I need a chocolate fix.

I'll definitely try this again, though every other week would make my pantry explode!

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