happenstance recycling

Here's my Thrifty Green Thursday tip for the week. Check out Green Baby Guide for more tips!
At first glance "happenstance" recycling might not seem very green... we should be intentional about recycling! We do that too... don't fret... but we also recycle by chance.
We don't buy canned sodas in our house. Ever. We drink them occasionally when we're out but we don't buy them.
We have realized however that lots of other people buy them and leave their cans random places. Such as the ground, the trash, in bushes, etc.
So whenever we're out we just keep our eyes open. We pick up a can here and a can there and bring them home, crush them and put them in a bin. It takes a long time to fill up the bin, but we're not in any rush.
Once the bin is full we take it to our local recycling center where it's contents usually net us around 4 bucks... that's the thrifty part. (So after one and a half bins it pays for one meal at our local Japanese express place.)
The tortoise or the hare? We're definitely the tortoise but we're doing our part.

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Joy said...

I think the slow but steady method of recycling is absolutely revolutionary! It actually breaks my heart to see aluminum cans in the trash but it hasn't occurred to me yet to just remove them. What a great tip! I'd imagine that you'd find lots of them at summer events as well. Thanks so much for joining us this week for Thrifty Green Thursday!