WFMW- shopping list organization

It's not beautiful... I'll give you that, but this system of organizing my shopping list works for me!

All I've done here is cut off the front cover of an old three ring binder, the kind that has the clear plastic pocket on the front.

On the clear plastic side I keep my price list (which I keep track of on an excel document with really small type).

I use a large pad with sticky on the top on the other side to keep my regular grocery list (for example, here I was using some prescription pad I got free somewhere).

Any stores I am using coupons at (CVS, KMart, Rite Aid, etc.) but am not buying a TON of stuff at I write the list on a small post-it note, paperclip the coupons together and stick them down in the pocket.

I usually put my small calculator and a pen in the front pocket as well.

I love having everything in one place and it's nice to have a firm surface to make additional notes on or to cross things out on my list I as I put them in the buggy... I can't shop without crossing things off... it just doesn't work.

It's not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, but this system works for me. Check out We are THAT Family for other WFMW tips!


Rebecca said...

Nice! I tried using clipboard at the store the other day, but your binder cover idea is better because of the pockets. I would love to see a pic of your Excel price comparisons, just to get an understanding of how you set it up.

emw said...

Rebecca- Thanks that's a great idea to post the excel sheet. I think I do price comparison's differenly than most. My sheet is basically a list of the Aldi price on staples I buy broken down per ounce/ per item. I am almost an exclusive Aldi shopper so I compare deals in stores to see whether they beat the Aldi price. If they do, then I stock up. Don't know if that would be helpful to most folks but it's worth a post at least!

shopannies said...

I need to try this as I will be going shopping only 2 times a month very soon

Kate said...

This is so neat! I think I even have a binder lying around that's falling apart... I might have to help it along. =)

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