WFMW- baby scrapbook

My aunt, a talented and creative scrapbooker made this book for us before Baby Girl was born. Knowing that I'm not altogether a "traditional" person, she created a scrapbook for us in non-traditional colors with a double-page spread for each month of the first year of our Baby-to-be's life.

It has turned out to be one of my favorite things ever!

Each double page spread has a decorated page on the left (minimal decorations) and the right side has a calendar for that particular month.

All I have to do is jot little notes on the calendar about things that happen and throw a few favorite pictures from the month on the facing page and we have a beautiful album of Baby Girl's first year!
This book is so liberating for me as I can easily find time to jot down little things that happen each day. I include momentous milestones, like her first tooth, as well as everyday happenings (i.e. we played outside today in the beautiful weather, or took a walk to visit Daddy at work).

Also, I've realized that as long as I keep up with writing in the calendar, the pictures can fall into place later (I'm really behind on printing my pictures!).

This method of keeping track of Baby Girl's first year definitely works for me! It would make a great gift to an expecting mom, or you could make one up for yourself before baby is born.

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Emily said...

Love this idea! I have a traditional baby book, and I'm so behind on filling it out. This would be much easier. Did she hand make this?

Shannon said...

What a great idea to keep track of baby's first year.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Nice gift!


emw said...

Emily- She did hand make this. She started with a scrapbook "kit" that had coordinating paper and stickers and then added her own embellishments as well. I think the most helpful piece of this is a template she has to trace the calendar pages. It could easily (though time intensively) done by hand, but the template is super helpful.