cheap nasal decongestant

So I've been sick lately... ugh...

Medicine costs can really add up which makes being sick costly, on top of feeling bad!

Yesterday though, I made a discovery... Aldi sells medicine. I usually skip that aisle in Aldi because I get most toiletries for free at CVS, but yesterday was a different story.

I found the nasal decongestant... "compare to Sudafed PE, 18 tablets, active ingredient: 10 mg of phenyl blah blah" Yep... this was the same stuff that I had bought at Bi-Lo several days before and paid $4.19 for their generic. But no price was listed here at Aldi... I wondered how it would compare.

At the register I had the check-out lady check the price for me... $1.79... WHAT?!?!

I will never buy medicine anywhere else... AMAZING!

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Mom2fur said...

Boo hoo, I wish I had an Aldi's near me! I hear some many great stories about money saved there. I live on Sudafed (or the generic version) because of chronic allergies, so this would be a great savings. I'm glad you made this discovery--nothing like money left in your own pocket, right?