the wylie home: exersaucer

While I was planning to include this item in my series on things I love and appreciate in my home, I didn't intend for it to have the place of honor as the first post... until today.

Today I learned something... mommies don't get to take sick days.
I am battling a nasty cold which has me more exhausted than anything else. So now, more than ever, I appreciate our exersaucer. Baby Girl has lived in this thing for the past day and half.

I got this at a consignment sale for $20 and it has already been worth every penny. I love that Baby Girl can entertain herself sitting in it and she really gets into all the toys. I can also pull this into the kitchen when I cook, or over near the sofa if I'm folding clothes.

So right now, especially, the exersaucer is one of my favorite things in the wylie home!

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