the wylie home: small whisk bowl

I love pottery. When I was little my mom collected it and I remember thinking... "yeah, yeah... pottery... who cares..."

Now I am a collector myself. I love the varied colors and imperfections and uniqueness of it! By far, my favorite piece is this small whisk bowl that I received from my mom at a wedding shower.

This bowl is perfect for:
- beating an egg or two for scrambled eggs
- making sauces (like cheese sauce for broccoli)
- melting butter
- mixing dressings
- and mixing any other small amount of anything!

I use it several times a week. (and if this says anything, when I told Jon about this series I was doing this was the first item he recommended... he loves it too!)
Everytime I wash it I get to read on the bottom where my mom wrote, "I love you Emily! MOM 7/15/2005" That's probably the best part about it!

Take a moment today and appreciate something small that you love to use in your home.

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