settlers- wfmw

Board games definitely work for me....and....this game ROCKS!

Jon and I were introduced to Settlers of Catan (aka, "Settlers") 3 years ago when we were living in VA. We have been playing it ever since.

Settlers is a German-made game and has won both the German and US Awards for board game of the year (1995 and 1996). The game has actually been around a while but is just now really gaining in popularity.
It is a little complicated so it helps to have someone who has played before explain it to you, rather than just trying to read the instructions.

In a nutshell this is how it works:
1. The goal is to be the first one to get 10 points.
2. You get points by building settlements, cities and doing a few other things.
3. You build things by collecting "resource" cards (wheat, sheep, wood, brick, ore)
4. You have a chance to get resources every time each player rolls the dice.
5. You can trade resources with other players (this can get intense!)
6. There are lots of other aspects to the game: ports, the robber, development cards.... etc.

My advice is to ask around, as I'm pretty sure you could find someone who has the game and could try it out.

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tina in thailand said...

We love this game. Have you tried the next level? Settlers with the Cities and Knights upgrade? You won't go back. It is worth it!
Yea! for another Settlers loving family.
We learned this game while we were in Bible School and used some of our precious luggage weight to bring it and all our add-ons when we moved over seas.
Great tip.
Have you ever tried Eurorails? It is put out by the same game company and is fun as well. A railroad building game across Europe.

Suzy O. said...

Great game! This was our first Euro game 6 years ago. Now we have a closet full of Euro games. Thanks for introducting everyone to such a great game.

emw said...

Thanks for the comments! Tina- I think Eurorails is what I know as Ticket to Ride... there is a European version and a USA version, my sister has the Europe one and we have the US one. Also a super fun game!