new year, new series

I have been mulling over this series for a while and am excited to finally start posting.

Welcome to.... the wylie home

I live everyday in my home.

Some days I only leave these walls for a walk, other days I don't make it outside at all. When I look around I realize that everything I have surrounding me each day is here for a reason.

I want to be thankful.

This series focuses on the things in my home that I love. Please know that my emphasis is not on having stuff, but on appreciating the small blessings of everyday items in my home.

Each post will focus on one item, or maybe even an "idea," that is part of my home and I'll tell you what I appreciate about it and/or how it blesses me or helps me in my daily life.

More than anything this is a great way for me to reflect on appreciating my home and the blessings I have instead of feeling the pressure and urge from society to buy and do and have more.

No promises on how often I'll post, I'm planning to take this as it comes.
A word about my logo... this is our cat Finn hanging out in a box while we were packing to move last year. He's probably one of my favorite "things" in our home
so he gets the place of honor on the logo!

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