I'm not much of a political type person at all... I mean AT ALL. I just get really frustrated and cynical about the whole process: the hateful ads on both sides, the empty rhetoric, the enormous amounts of money that are spent on ridiculous things, and the way the pendulum swings back and forth... no one is ever happy.

However, given yesterday's events I feel that I can't go without commenting.

First off let me say clearly that I did NOT vote for Barack Obama, I will never support a candidate that is pro-abortion (check this blog post out- by Randy Alcorn, an author I really like).

Yesterday though, was an historic event. I count it a blessing that we live in a country where the transfer of power happens so smoothly and democracy is so clearly evident. I think it's wonderful that we now have an African-American president (though I would have preferred someone a bit more... conservative).

Here's my problem:

To many, to most perhaps, the chanting crowds yesterday in Washington were inspiring. To me... they were terrifying. I have never so clearly seen a people, a nation, so evidently hanging all their hopes on the shoulders of one man... and he is that... a mere man.

What will happen when he fails?... and fail he will... we all do.

What will happen when the economy continues to suffer?

What will happen when dreams aren't fully realized?

My only hope and prayer is that this hope that is now so misplaced will turn to the only One who is worthy of a nation's hope and trust.

"O Israel, hope in the LORD; For with the LORD there is lovingkindness, And with Him is abundant redemption." Psalm 130:7

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