exercising at home

After Baby Girl was born (almost 6 months ago) I kept thinking about getting back into exercising... thinking is the operative word there. We walked a good bit, but then it got cold and one or both of us would have the sniffles and the timing just wasn't right... can you tell I'm good at coming up with excuses?

The gym on-campus is actually very reasonable, but that's just not a luxury we're willing to pay for right now.

My solution has been fitness DVDs.

I checked a few out from the library, I dug out a pilates one from a drawer, I borrowed from friends.

Here is what I like about this exercise option:
1. The variety keeps things interesting and has helped me figure out what I do and don't enjoy.
2. I can exercise in my pj's.
3. My living room is never crowded with people trying to use different machines.
4. Baby Girl can nap or play in the exersaucer while I get fit.
5. Occasionally one might be able to convince one's husband to participate in something like Fit Pregnancy: Get your body back after baby, if one's husband is a very good sport and very sure in his manhood.
6. It's cheap! I have yet to buy a DVD (save the pilates one I bought several years ago).

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Brooke said...

i get free gym privilages with my job - but last monday (national holiday) i did a tape and my hubs made fun of it!

you've got a good one if he'll do it with you!