#1 the goose is getting fat- simple decorations

We’re in an apartment first of all, so there is no room to store, or even places to put lots of decorations. Here are our simple, but in my mind, festive items of holiday flare.

Small tree- This whopping three footer was passed on by some friends and is a perfect size for our apartment. It’s easy to store, easy to put up and doesn’t use half as many lights as a larger tree. It also makes us thoughtfully consider which ornaments will make it on the tree (it will fall over if we put them all on)

Centerpiece- This hurricane vase is a versatile centerpiece year round. With some (plastic—shhh) ornaments from the Dollar Tree and curled bit of sparkly star wire stuff… it’s all we need.

Nativity- Christmas decorations wouldn’t be complete without our nativity. This Willow Tree one was given to me by my parents when I graduated from college (now if that’s not a really great graduation gift I don’t know what is!).

Family pieces- My Gran, who is no longer with us, was an amazing crafter and HUGE fan of Christmas. I don’t think anyone, even us kids, got more excited on Christmas morning than she did. As long as I can remember she made dolls and santas and snowmen and angels to sell at craft fairs. We’re so happy to have some of her beautiful crafts in our home and it’s so special to pull them out each year in memory of her.

Everything that we have out for Christmas either has meaning for us, or serves a purpose in our home. We don't have tons of lights or greenery or candles or wreaths, but our simple reminders of the season are just right for us!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of the series: No Christmas Card?!

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