#4 the goose is getting fat: our family Christmas story

As today is Sunday this will be a brief post. More than anything I’d like to share the idea behind our family Christmas story and leave it with you to do what you will with it.

Christmas of 2004, right after we were engaged, Jon took the time to go through the Bible and pulled out many references to Christ’s birth from the Old Testament as well as the full story of Jesus’ coming from the New Testament. He used all these verses to tell the story of Christmas to me on Christmas Eve.

It was such a special gift and is now a tradition for us to read through all these verses as a family each Christmas Eve.

This year, and he won’t read this post so I can say it, Jon is getting a scrapbook for Christmas so that we can go through and make the story an actual book to read to Baby Girl as she gets older.

I love that our family is able to take some time each Christmas Eve to really reflect on the real meaning of Christmas, not just on the part about Jesus being born in a manger, but also the fact that His coming was foretold long ago and that the Lord used so many different people throughout scripture to bring His purposes about.

And He's still working out that plan today.

Happy Christmas!

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