christmas comes early

This year my sisters and I, along with the special men in our lives, decided to forego gifts to each other and go in together to get things for a Christmas child and then celebrate together with a potluck.

We had a lot fun, got some great stuff for a little 4 year old girl, enjoyed some yummy food and games.
I made an eye of round roast. I think I should have left the oven on 200 or so b/c it wasn't quite done... our oven doesn't hold heat too well. But other than that it was great!
Bek brought these amazing soy sauce green beans. (I'll also plug her great blog... go say hi!)
Bethy brought apple dumplings. Yum!
We also learned a new card game... 21 (not blackjack... it's different). I especially liked it because you can play, but still talk at the same time.

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