monday menu

So I thought I'd give the whole Menu Planning Monday a go, as hosted over at Organizing Junkie. I'll kind of comment on some of the rationale as to why we're eating what. Maybe you're not interested but... oh well!
Here goes:
Monday... that's tonight...- chicken, veggie and rice soup in the crockpot and homemade bread (it smells yummy already!) Using up random freezer veggie bits. We'll eat on this for lunches all week.
Tuesday- veggies for dinner- mashed potatoes (they're about to go bad and need to be used), glazed carrots, fried okra and homemade bread
Wednesday- NY strip steaks and leftover veggies from night before, along with... you guessed it... homemade bread. These steaks came in the angel food ministry box we bought and split with friends. We were curious if it was a good deal or not. Maybe I'll do a post on that later.
Thursday- is supposed to be CORN (Clean Out Refrigerator Night... kudos to HomeEc101.com for this acronym... I love it) however, if the fridge is already clean I have a mini Chicken Tetrazinni in the freezer we can have.
Friday- roast with gravy and rice. We're having a potluck with my sisters and their significant others and then going shopping for our Christmas child together... so this is my contribution... along with homemade bread of course.
Saturday- leftovers from Friday... hopefully... that's the hard thing about planning leftovers into the menu! I hope there will be some!
Sunday- french toast and bacon. We make our french toast with homemade sourdoughbread and it's AMAZING. Give it a try.

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