#3 the goose is getting fat: baby's first Christmas

She’ll be almost 5 months old this year at Christmas. So of course, Baby Girl has no idea about all the excitement surrounding this wonderful time of the year.

I’ve been singing Christmas songs to her all the time. And we daily look at the tree and “talk” about the ornaments. We also regularly play with the nativity set my mom got her, with lots of emphasis on Baby Jesus… but I know of course that she doesn’t get it.

Then there’s the issue of gifts. She’s not going to remember anything about this Christmas or the gifts so I’ve really struggled with what we should spend money on and what we should refrain from this year. In the end we’ve decided to keep it simple. She’s getting one toy, a book, a stool I painted (more for me to sit on while I give her baths than anything else at this point), a fleece hat from my etsy store, and Steve Green’s Hide ‘em in your Heart Bible verse CDs. All but the hat and stool were bought with gift cards we’ve been given.

In reality I know giving her these things ends up being more about me wanting to give her something, than her really needing/wanting anything.

So what is this Christmas really about for her, even if she doesn’t know it…

She is a loved little girl. Being the only grandchild on both sides, grandparents, aunts and uncles can’t wait to get their hands on her.

It’s probably the only Christmas she’ll spend with her Papa (Jon’s dad) who is in the later stages of cancer.

She makes me look at Christmas differently as I try to talk through and explain to her the meaning of the season and our family traditions

She reminds me of Christ. When I look at her I am reminded that Jesus came as a baby. He was hungry, and wet his diapers, and couldn’t sit up or hold onto things. He made funny noises and faces and cried. He became helpless so that we could have life. I am so thankful that Baby Girl is teaching me this lesson in the most real way I could have imagined.

This is what I want to tell her her first Christmas was all about.

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