That's how many "to be read" posts I had accumulated in my bloglines account. There are SO many great ideas out there and I just kept saving and saving them with no way to actually use them.

So the other night I took a deep breath and dove right in.

I made a catalog of ideas. And that's what I called it, "Catalog of Ideas."

There are categories for food, kids, crafts, home and other.

Now bloglines is empty, I have some nicely sorted ideas to go back to, and I've highlighted some stuff I want to try ASAP.

One of the first on the list to try is the Best Pumpkin Bread Ever which I will make using some of my fresh cooked and frozen pumpkin.


All these B's and Me! said...

Hello from SC!! I saw you lived here as well and just wanted to say a friendly hello. :o) Love your blog.

Carol said...

It's just amazing, all the great tips that can be gleaned from other bloggers. Looks like you've got yours well under control!

mub said...

I use delicious to save all the good ideas I find online. It's nice cause you can tag stuff and have it in multiple categories if it needs to be!

Susan said...

I needed this tip, because I, too, have way too many tips and other online stuff unsorted. Thanks!

Jen @ JenuineJen said...

Great idea. I'm always looking for better ways to organize my data. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I don't get it...there is a way to organize all this stuff without saving it in favorites?