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I have a 4 month old baby. It's starting to get colder out. Her morning feeding coincides with the one TV workout that I could do. Hmmm.... exercising??? It's really hard to fit it in at this point in my life.

Never fear! There is an answer... exercising with baby. Good for you, fun for baby.
Disclaimer: I don't know the technical terms for this stuff... this is just what I do. Also... be careful! You know yourself, you know your baby... be smart.

1. Baby in the Air- hold baby under arms. Slowly lift baby in air and say, "up, up, up, up," then slowly lower baby and say, "down, down, down, down." Do this a few times. You'll feel the burn.

2. Baby Crunches- lay on your back on the floor. Sit baby on your lower tummy and hold onto her! Pull legs off floor so your knees are kind of on either side of your baby's head. Do crunches. My girl loves this because my face comes up close to her when I crunch.

3. Baby Burn Squats- hold the baby while you do squats. Whew... these will wear you out!

4. Running to the Rescue- My girl won't go to sleep without her paci and at this point she spits it out all the time. So I have to keep putting it back in her mouth to get her to go to sleep. (this is another issue in and of itself) However, I run up and down the hall everytime I do this. Silly maybe... but I like to think of it as one or two extra calories burned.

5. Shower Pushups (without baby)- My only alone time these days seems to be in the shower. So this is a great chance to exercise too. Be careful you don't slip! I just put my hands on the back of the shower wall, keep my feet about 1-2 feet away from the back wall and do pushups.
Burn, baby, burn.

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Rebekah said...

As soon as she starts crawling you can add chasing her around the house to that list. :) And I think I need to see the baby in the air for myself!