a different kind of Christmas

I've been absent from the blogging world going on almost 2 weeks now.

While we were planning to leave on the 19th for the Christmas holidays with both of our families our plans were changed by a phone call from Jon's mom on the 17th. His dad, who has been battling cancer for over 4 years was in the ICU.
We left the next day.

After lots of prayers, and waiting, and ups and downs and not knowing... Jon's dad passed away on Christmas Day.
We like to think that he made it in time for the Big Birthday Celebration in heaven.

The past week and a half has radically changed my perspective on Christmas. Tradition has always been really important to me. I love the sights and smells and tastes of Christmas... the very feel of the season brings me such joy.

But I've realized there is a big difference in feeling like it's Christmas
and knowing that it's Christmas.

It's just as much Christmas when you're home as when you're in the hospital,
just as much when you're laughing as when you're crying,
just as much when you're together as when you're alone,
and really... when I think about it... it's just as much Christmas on December 25th as it is on October 14th and February 3rd and July 8th and August 29th....... because we're not celebrating the tradition or the sights and smells and tastes, we're celebrating the Person.

And He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Merry Christmas friends.

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